Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Index by Title

The archives for this blog were recently reformatted to make them easier to peruse. You can now click on a link in the left sidebar for a whole month's worth of Third Path, listed in reverse chronological order (newest at the top), with each title linked to the full text of the article. However, if you're looking for a specific article, especially if you're not sure in which month it was written, you may find this alphabetical index more useful.

If you want to find a particular article by keyword, use the search box in the top margin and click on "Search this blog." For example, a search for "Michael Brown" would turn up the article "Another 30 days to clean out his desk," even though his name is not in the title.

My New Year's Resolution is to find something to write about under X and Z.

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49ers Training Video
85 years of suffrage

A.I.M. for Peace
Abortion: Safe, Legal, and RARE
About the Details
Abu Ghraib: we haven't heard the end
The Acting President
Ahmadinejad refers to the Holocaust as a myth
Alito's mad-CAP adventures
Alternate Text of the Federal Marriage Amendment
Am I the first to refer to both "George Fwill" and "Jedgar Hoover"?
The amazing new Nightline
Amazing stuff on television
America the (Phrase) Book
America We Stand As One
Ann Coulter only begins to wake up
Another 30 days to clean out his desk
Another devastating hurricane on the way
Another Grieving Mother at Camp Casey
Another strike against Prop 78
Another Sunday, Another Opportunity to End the Bush Nightmare
Another Unqualified Appointee
Apparently, I'm now a porn star!
Area Codes of the World, Unite!

Back on the air Real Soon Now
¡Baila Conmigo!
Beannachtai Samhain
Beautiful promo for PBS
The best of Comedy Central's Last Laugh '05
Big Honkin' Disclaimer
The Big March
Bill Maher speaks his mind
Bill Maher takes on the Democrats
Bill Maher, live and in person
Bill O'Reilly and Coit Tower
A Black Day in Green Land?
Blame the Victim
Boondocks hits its stride
The Boondocks
Bound to Happen
Brent Scowcroft
Brownie quietly shuffles back to Washington
Building consensus
Bush officials deliberately lied about Saddam's WMD
Bush on Harriet Miers
Bush's iPod
Bush's Neighbors
Bush's only possible exit strategy
but what about the Democrats?
Bye, Bye, Brownie!

The California Primary, T minus 365
California-style Recall Election for Dubya
Can a big quake bring peace to South Asia?
Can't get there from here
Canada's Political "Nuclear Option"
Canadians: we will remember
Cartoon Action Heroes
CBN coverage of diversity in school
CBN on ID in KS
Check out my even newer blog!
The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys gave us that Statue of umm, Torture, to put in New York Harbor
Christian Telephone Company
Christians for Christ
Christmas campaigning for Canada
Christopher Hitchens on the Daily Show
Cliff's Notes on my Federal Marriage Amendment
Colbert Report
Colbert Stahling for Time
Colbert table scraps
Colbert v. Colbert Debate Transcript
Colbert's Oath of Truthiness: Wørd!
Colbert's zinger for Lou Dobbs
Colin Powell will be on the Daily Show tonight
College foo-ball silliness
Comedy Central devastated by rift between anchors
Comer es más rico
Coming up on the Magna Carta
Commercials worth watching twice
A compliment from Ahmadinejad
Confirm John Roberts
Confronting the faults of "us"
Conservatives v. Bush
Coping with TiVo guilt
Crisis Danger Opportunity Colbert

Daily Show on hiatus
Damned if he did, damned if he didn't
Danny Bonaduce is my role model
Darth Lucas and the Revenge of the Sixth
David Brooks lives in a fantasy world
DDDisney's perfect 3-D technology
The DEA can count, sort of
The death penalty
Def Leppard on Jimmy Kimmel
Defecting from Cuba
Did Bush suggest bombing Al Jazeera?
The Difference Between Bush and Clinton
Ding Dong, the Cottonnelle is Dead!
Dispatch from Paris
Do I smell a DVD?
Do spammers take Christmas off?
Don't call Bush a racist
Don't You Wanna Go with Me to God's New City?
Donation for Orphanage
Doublespeak about Harriet Miers
Dubya's new speechwriter
Dubya's version of "Accountability"
The Duration of War

The Economic Winner of the 21st Century
Election prediction
The Erasing Mace
Erasure is Coming!
Évian Flu on Nightline
Existence = Resistance

Faerie Omen Favorable For A Fab-Ulous Castro Street (or FOFFAFUCS)
Fareed and Colbert, sittin' at a desk, t-a-l-k-i-n-g
Fareed v. Fwill on Snuffaluffagus
Federal Air Marshals open fire
FEMA staffer on Nightline
Finding myself with strange (judicial) bedfellows
Footnote TV
Fort Bragg in Plain English
Full-frontage failure
Fun with Drugs on the Daily Show
Further analysis of election results

Galloway asks for perjury charges
Gay Nazis to Lesbian Feminists
George Bush's eulogy for William Rehnquist
George Carlin and Rome on HBO
Get your al Qaeda franchise now!
God bless those other countries, too
"Good Night and Good Luck"
Gov. Schwarzenegger Opposes Electoral Reform
Governor's reply about marriage bill
Graham Norton for President!
Grammar as a Secret Handshake
Great pictures from Camp Casey
The Great Threat to Heterosexual Marriage
Greetings from Texas
Gwen Araujo jury rejects "tranny panic" defense

Hanson grows up
Happy BBirthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Indigenous Genocide Day
Happy 雙十節
Harry Reid needs to step down
Hats Off to Deep Throat
Hazards of watching Christian tv
HBO's Rome and Dubya's America
He gave new meaning to "going out with a bang"
Heading to Washington
Here Comes the Bride
Herman Cain on CBN News
Hey, hey, ho, ho, BLANK-ism has got to go!
Hindsight: A User's Guide
How O.J. was not in double jeopardy
How would Jesus guide public policy?
Hugo Chavez on Nightline tonight!
Hydrant Adapters

I evolved for millions of years for this??
I Favor Peace and Freedom in Iraq
I feel for you, President Bush
I Have a Dream
I Pledge a Grievance to the Flag
I Pledge Allegiance to the Constitution
I want my LOGO™!
I've never been to Crawford, Texas
Imaginary Risks
The important family finds 99 french fries
In Defense — and Criticism — of Ward Churchill
In Defense of Bill Bennett's Virtue
In Honor of the American Flag
The Industry Leader
Intense Hurricanes
Intrusiveness of Government
Iraq war resolution
Iraq's New "Reality TV"
Iraq's new constitution: not out of the sandstorm yet
Irresponsible local Republican
Irresponsible world leadership
Is bisexuality real?
Is Relying on Foreign Law Impeachable?
Is Senator Orrin Hatch illiterate?
It seems y'all like Nate Corddry
It's getting DIRE for DeLay

Jack Van Impe on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jeb Bush is a fairy??
Jeff Gillenkirk on Joining the GOP
Jon Stewart, doin' the impossible
Judge Wapner says No on 77
Judicial Nominations and the Filibuster
Judith Miller on Nightline
Just maybe we need to get rid of Roe v. Wade

Kathleen, just give the clothes to Goodwill!!
Katrina and New Orleans
Kurt Vonnegut on the Daily Show
Kurt Vonnegut's list of "Liberal Crap"

L. Patrick Gray, Mark Felt, and Watergate
Learning from the Drudge Report
A Leftie I Can't Respect
The Legacy of the Mattachine
Legalizing Marijuana
Let me just say this about that
Let's face it, I talk a lot
Libération speaks about Katrina and Bush
A little Bill & Ted for a Tuesday afternoon
LIVE from Crawford
LIVE Presidential debate tonight!
Lords of Dogtown
Louie Gohmert has learned nothing from the wars of the 20th Century

A "Man of God" Preaching Hate and Division in New Orleans
The Mayor of Spokane
The meaning of Xmas, Boondocks style
Merry War on Christmas
Metaphors for the Bush Presidency
Michael Jackson was Acquitted
Miers withdraws
Milo Radulovich LIVE in person!
Misleading on Pre-war Intelligence
A Modest Proposal
More about Cronyism
Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days" on FX
Mr. President, will you PLEASE rotate the LA/MS NG back home?
Murder in the name of Christ
Must-see Snuffleupagus!
My assessment of George W. Bush
My Challenge to Bush's Judicial Nominees
My Challenge to Governor Arnold Schwuleficker
My finger of blame points directly at George Walker Bush
Mysterious Skin

Nancy Pelosi on Jon Stewart tonight
Narnia coming out in time for Aslanmas
New Dave Chappelle is coming!!
New Google Blog-search Tool
News Flash from Subic Bay, Derkderkistan
Next to fall on his sword: Senator Tom Coburn
NOAA Weather Alert on Katrina
Now I'm confused

Okay, what was the Japanese hosteller saying?
One more thing about Torture and Deranged Chimps
ONE more voice
One of my favorite reference sites
Ooh, baby, give me that comma!
An open letter to India and Pakistan
Open letter to John McCain
Open thread, anyone?
Oprah and the Southern racist
Oprah for President
Orhan Pamuk and Turkish sedition

A particularly clueless letter to the editor
Pat Robertson interviews John Ashcroft
PBS Frontline on "The Torture Question"
Penn & Teller Skewer "Self-Help" Workshops
"Peter Ustinov" is alive and well in the Mission District
Pit Bulls and War Plans
Pizza and Privacy
Planned outage
Please, give me a SIGN!
A political reading of Harry Potter®
Present for Nicolas Cage's Son's 18th Birthday
President Bully on Fox News
The President's A-Hole
The Price of Gasoline
Protecting the Vote for Men Only
The Punk Kid Never Cleans Up His Own Mess

Questions for John Roberts
Quite a day for fake and real news
Quite a week for The Daily Show!

Racism in America
Reading from the blog
Real Estate Bubbles, Property Taxes, Prop 13, and Edumacation
Real redistricting
Reappearance of the Desaparecidos
Reformatting the archives
Results from Ranked Choice Voting in SF
Retirement Accounts
Revenge of the Sith on DVD
"Revolutionary Conservative" is a Contradiction in Terms
Reza Pahlavi on Fareed
Robert Reich on John Roberts
Rosa Parks, a true American hero
Rumsfeld on ABC News This Week
Run (away), Arnold, run!

A Sad Day in the Forty-Hectare Wood
A Salute to Michael Schiavo
Sanda Day O'Connor for Supreme Court
SAT Analogy Question
Schwarzenegger Trembles Before Satan
Schwarzenegger's bad analogy
Scooter Libby Indicted
The secret to world peace
Senator Landrieu is part of the problem
Senator Sessions, that's just how WE feel!
Senator Stevens' Mental Health
Separation of church and science
Seriously, how about some peace in the Middle East?
SF Local Proposition Endorsements
SF local results analysis
SFChronicle on Quake Preparedness
Signs of Hope in the Waco Trib
Snake Oil in the Shopping Mall
"So Help Me God"
So who is this Alito guy?
Something odd about Manson
Sometimes it's the little things
South Park takes on Scientology®
Special Election is On
Sulzberger on Charlie Rose

Ted Koppel on Preparing for Disaster
Temporary Comment Restriction
Terror Strikes
Thank you, Senator McCain
That didn't take very long at all
These nutbags think we could have WON in Vietnam
Third Path Proposition Endorsements
Thousand-year spelling gaffe
Thumbs down, not thumbs off
TiVo disaster! West Wing did not record!
Today's McLaughlin Group
Tom DeLay's Mug
Tonight's Bill Maher
"Top 10" Bush and Cheney
Torturing the Iraqi election
Transgressing Gender Conference
Truly a Remarkable International Spam
Truly Petty Theft
Turtles Can Fly
TV Ass-Clowns
Twenty-one Twelve
Two minutes silence for Armistice Day
The Two Wars of the Worlds
Two-week old quotes

U.S. Policy on Nuclear Weapons
Umm, Lynching is Bad, M'Kay?
Uncharitable Awakening
The Unintended Consequence of Laws
Unlikely Sales Prospect
Unspeakable Irony

Vice President Cheney on Nightline
The Volokh Conspiracy
Vote Yes on No!

Want to understand the world? Listen to Fareed Zakaria.
War on Christianity
Warren G. Harding
Washington Week in Podcast
Watching ranked-preference voting in action
Weirdos who want to actually COUNT the votes
Welcome Nate Corddry to the Daily Show team
Welcome, Skippy-philes
West Wing Debate
What am I talking about?
What color is your cat?
What is Rule 21?
What the { } // null set Do We Know?
What will I do with my evenings?
Where do babies come from?
Who needs a draft? We'll just KIDNAP new recruits!
Who was Stephen Biko?
Why Bush can never win in Iraq
Why I opposed Robert Bork
Why Pedophile Priests are Inevitable
Why was CNN stunned?
Will these bloggers ever shut up about The Colbert Report?
Wiretapping on the NewsHour
Wow, that's me!!

Yet another Corddry
"You visit illegal web sites"