Thursday, June 30, 2005

Am I the first to refer to both "George Fwill" and "Jedgar Hoover"?

Google turns up no hits on [fwill jedgar]. Does that really mean that I'm the first person on the web to use those two nicknames together?

George Fwill is really George F. Will, a conservative pundit since pterodactyls roamed the skies and Nixon still frothed about Jews and commies in the Oval Office, currently a columnist for the Washington Post and New Sweek and numerous television programs. He has clearly lost his mind, though, because he refers to Michael Moore and as "sources of rhetorical extremism" [ABC News This Week, 2005-06-26] — putting them in the same category as extremist leaders who tell their followers to kill all Americans. Mr. Fwill, you demean yourself when you make such a laughable charge. Michael Moore and are no more "sources of rhetorical extremism" than George F. Will and Newsweek. Sadly, even with that comment, George Fwill is still one of the closest to sane and reasonable among conservative voices.

Jedgar Hoover is the name used by Lily Tomlin in her Ernestine persona to refer to the director of the FBI — until 1972, the only director the Bureau had ever known, Mr. J. Edgar ("Turd Blossom") Hoover. Mr. Jedgar Hoover would routinely wiretap into Ernestine's cord-board.