Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quite a day for fake and real news

Downtown Washington ran running and screaming from a rogue Cessna. North Korea's "and you thought Saddam was a lunatic!" leader Kim Jong Il is now believed to have as many as six operational (or near-operational) Hiroshima-sized nuclear weapons. Four insurgent bomb attacks occurred in four hours in Baghdad, killing over 70. Reports have surfaced claiming that at least one interrogator at Guantánamo put the Koran in the toilet to show his respect for religious diversity.

And that's the real news. In today's fake news, we were treated to this fabulous exchange.

Art Brown (former CIA analyst): The recognition [Kim Jong Il] would get from being a recognized nuclear power would give him a legacy at home that his father could not do.

Jon Stewart: Really? He's using aggressive military posturing to escape the shadow of his more moderate father. Who is buying that Freudian psycho-babble? It's just a theory!