Friday, October 21, 2005

CBN coverage of diversity in school

Schools in Lexington, Massachusetts, have diversity education in their school curricula, beginning in kindergarten. As part of the program, students are given reading materials, including a book titled Who's in a Family? The book covers such non-stereotypical family structures as mixed-race marriages, single-parent households, and same-sex couples. Some parents are upset that their children are being taught that homosexuals exist.

This truly is a black-and-white issue. David Parker, a parent who went to jail for trespassing when he refused to leave school property when the school board refused his demand that he be allowed to dictate the curriculum his child would receive, is completely in the wrong, both legally and morally. Same-sex couples exist, and some of them have children. A same-sex couple with children makes a family. You may believe that it is sinful, but you can't believe that it is anything other than a family. Moreover, same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts. That means that families with same-sex parents are legally entitled to recognition in public schools.

The CBN News covered some of the issues quite openly. School policy in Lexington only allows parents to opt their children out of curriculum that "primarily involves human sexual education or human sexuality issues." Since the book in question does not say anything at all about what adult family members do in private, it does not fall into that category.

Talking about the existence of same-sex couples is not the same thing as talking about sodomy.

Saying that same-sex couples are entitled to respect is not the same thing as saying that everyone should try it.

Saying that same-sex couples exist and are entitled to respect is not a violation of your religious beliefs.

If David Parker does not drop his ill-advised protests, he will go to jail again, and I for one will be cheering when he does.