Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Revenge of the Sith on DVD

The sixth installment of the Star Wars saga, better known as Episode III, is about to come out on DVD. Described by honest critics as "not quite as dreadful as Episodes I and II," Episode III contains the shocking surprise that the young Anacin Skywanker grows up to be — the adult Anacin Skywanker!!! Who would ever have guessed?

Of course, the back story is that a leader surrounded himself with sycophantic [I kid you not, the #5 result on Google was a White House page about Harriet Miers!] yes-men who didn't dare tell the leader that he was delusional and deranged, in part because he still had the American people lining up in throngs to "vote with their wallets" for his partially adulterated crap. Yes, I'm talking about George Lucas, but it does bear some similarities to another misguided leader named George. That would explain why Google has the word sycophant linked so often to a page on the official White House web site.