Wednesday, December 21, 2005


In today's San Francisco Chronicle, the "Entertainment Report" contains three headlines, with a perhaps unintended meaning from their juxtaposition. Pop star Britney Spears is suing a magazine for claiming that she and her husband made a sex tape. Hawaiian singer Don Ho is recuperating after heart surgery. British pop star Boy George had his trial on drug charges postponed to February. Here are the headlines as they appeared:
  • Spears sues Us Weekly for libel
  • Ho's health improves
  • DeLay for Boy George
Well, yes, actually it says "Delay" for Boy George, but I prefer to think of "The Hammer" championing the gender-bending pop star as an act of solidarity.

Happy Solstice. For those of us north of the equator, today is the winter solstice; for you weirdos down under, it's the summer solstice. It's a proven scientific fact that not only toilets and bathtub drains, but also wristwatches and automobiles, run backwards south of the equator. Driving in countries like Ecuador, Indonesia, and Kenya, straddling the equator, can be especially confusing.