Sunday, August 28, 2005

Here Comes the Bride

You just never know what to expect at a protest rally. This afternoon, Camp Casey II will host a wedding ceremony. Genevieve Christine Van Cleve and Peter Albert Ravella will be joined in "a celebration of life, love and hope" here under the big tent.

Here is their message:

Our Wedding in Crawford

Weddings are celebrations of life, love and hope and a statement of tradition and values. We spent the weekend of August 20–21 at Camp Casey, meeting the fantastic military families and Gold Star moms who have assembled in Crawford, Texas. ... We join those who affirm the value of peace even in time of war ... We ask that [our American soldiers] be called to a higher mission, one that will reduce the propensity for terror and violence in the world, instead of a war that has and will increase it. We support freedom and democracy for the Iraqi people but doubt the wisdom of an American military invasion as a means to accomplish that goal. We honor the courage of the Gold Star Families and Military Families Speak Out who seek the end of our misguided venture in Iraq. — excerpt from the wedding program, August 28, 2005
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