Thursday, May 26, 2005

TV Ass-Clowns

Tonight, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart re-ran the episode that finally got me off my duff and up into the bright and beautiful blogosphere. It was this quote that did it:

It seems the only thing these TV ass-clowns know how to do is read blogs out loud directly off a computer screen.
After that, they re-ran last night's re-run, the episode with Christiane Amanpour. In a better world, she would have far more company in my esteem as a journalist committed to honest reportage. To add a couple more contemporary women to my "Edward R. Murrow" list, I would certainly include Gwen Ifill (both as co-anchor on The News Hour and as host of Washington Week) and Belva Davis (host of This Week in Northern California). Ed Murrow is one of my greatest heros, so you stand in lofty company.

On top of that, South Park re-ran the season premiere, in which Mr. Garrison gets a sex change. I'll say more about that episode soon.