Friday, June 24, 2005

Gay Nazis to Lesbian Feminists

Very short entry tonight, because I'm going right to bed. I have another film in a little under 10 hours.

Today was my crazy day in the Frameline 29 LGBT film festival (read my festival blog), even though it was one shy of the most films in one day. I went from the Castro Theatre to the Roxie Theatre, back to the Castro, then back to the Roxie, for four consecutive films. These sneakers were made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do, they're gonna walk all the way up and down 16th Street over and over again.

The first film I saw today was about gay Nazis. I'm not talking about Republicans or even Baathists, I'm talking about Nazis as in Germans who believe that Hitler was a great leader. There were prominent Nazis in the Third Reich who were widely known at the time to be homosexual, and there are prominent neo-Nazi leaders today who are gay. It boggles the mind.

The last film today was Left Lane, about lesbian feminist atheist socialist slam poet Alix Olson. I felt just a tiny bit more at home with the lesbo feminazi commie Jesus-hater scene than with the gay skinhead neo-Nazi bullshit, but then again, I also picked Alix Olson over a documentary about famous gay male porn star Peter Berlin. I think I made the right choice.

Now my browser seems to have crashed. Oh, goodie. We'll see if this post makes it into the blog tonight....