Friday, September 30, 2005

Area Codes of the World, Unite!

So, what else do I do with my time, besides watching The Daily Show, Nightline, Bill Maher, and DeGrassi, and writing in this blog?

I have a web site that I've been maintaining for about 8 years now, with everything you never wanted to know about telephone area codes. What is the area code for Ottumwa, Iowa, Radar O'Reilly's home town? That would be 641. How many area codes does Florida have? Seventeen, although it started with just one, back in 1947. Where is area code 229? That would be around Albany and Valdosta, Georgia. What is the telephone country code for former-Soviet Georgia? That would be +995, which means you dial 011-995 from the US or Canada. All this and more you can learn from my exciting (riveting!) area code web site, LincMad's Telephone Area Codes & Splits, also known as

Just in case you're curious, the most requested new feature on the area code site is time zones on the area code map. I'm workin' on it....