Friday, May 27, 2005

Metaphors for the Bush Presidency

I was just watching Bravo's 20 greatest superheroes, and it started me wondering: what kind of comic book (or other) character would be a good metaphor for President George W. Bush?

The first character I thought of was Austin Powers, the bumbling oaf who doesn't understand the world and doesn't even know that the rest of us are laughing at him. I'd go even a level stronger than that, though: George W. Bush by rights ought to be dressed down like one of the tone-deaf fools who winds up in front of Simon on American Idol. George W. Bush is so stupid that he doesn't even realize he's stupid, which is even less funny because it's true.

The Tick also came to mind, except that The Tick actually fights on the side of Justice. (The Tick is a former mental patient turned superhero.)

Forrest Gump is too easy a cheap shot. Eric Cartman (South Park) is really more like Dick Cheney than like George W. Bush. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) isn't a bad fit for Dubya; he's a snivelling, entitled, arrogant, bullying little son of privilege. I haven't seen the new Star Wars yet, so I don't know which minion of Evil Emperor Karl Rove is the Prez. I look forward to seeing Lords of Dogtown on June 3rd, to see which sleazebag I associate with Curious George. Skyler Stone, the con man at the core of Comedy Central's Con, is a near-perfect match for our Fearless Leader's character and morals. (For the record, Skyler Stone is a sewer rat with no soul. Contrary to his disclaimer, several of the cons he has shown are in fact illegal.)

Mind you, I can't say that I hold John Kerry in the greatest of esteem, either. In the last election, 48.2% of American voters preferred John Kerry over George Bush, or Ralph Nader or any of the other minor candidates. I wouldn't be surprised if a geranium could've gotten 48.2% of the vote against George W. Bush. Any Democrat with even a vague whiff of Presidential Bearing would've mopped the Oval Office floor with Bush. (After ordering the carpet removed first, of course, and replaced with a nice oak parquet.)

All jokes aside, I also want to state the obvious, having just watched an episode of The West Wing dealing with someone making joking threats against the President. I oppose the use of any violent means to change the U.S. régime. I believe that we can (and must) bring down the Bush administration within the bounds of the Constitution. Besides that, I'd much rather let Bush rot in disgrace than have him become a martyr. (I'd say the same about Osama bin Laden, but I'm not yet convinced that any prison walls could contain the threat he poses to society.)