Monday, December 26, 2005

Don't call Bush a racist

Yesterday's special Christmas edition of NBC's Meet the Press highlighted a sound bite from an interview with Alleged President Bush on 2005-12-12:
Somebody I heard, you know, a couple of people, you know, said, Bush didn't respond because of race, because he's a racist, or alleged that. That is absolutely wrong, and I reject that. Frankly that's the kind of thing that, you can call me anything you want, but do not call me a racist.
Very well, Mr. Alleged President, I will call you several things, but not a racist.

George W. Bush is:
  • a liar
  • immoral
  • unethical
  • elitist
  • stupid
  • crazy
  • a drug addict
  • a hypocrite
  • an insincere Christian
  • a classic schoolyard bully
However, George W. Bush is not a racist. He does not hate black people. It isn't even that he doesn't care about black people. The simple reality is that George W. Bush doesn't care about poor people.