Tuesday, May 31, 2005

America We Stand As One

Welcome, Truthseeker. (That's the tag-line of the web site for the Mike Malloy Show on Air America Radio. I Endorse Mike and AAR; to my knowledge, neither has expressed an opinion of this blog. The same is true for Daily Show with Jon Stewart.)

Star Trek stuntman Dennis Madalone has created a stirring musical (actually, music videal) tribute to the patriotism of the fine men and women who gave their lives for this country, most especially the fire fighters who turn into angels which turn into pigeons doves. It's called "America West and a Sone" oops, sorry for the visual mondegreen, as opposed to "G'Dye, Buttocks-Pressin' Song!," I mean, "America We Stand as One."

The visuals in Madalone's work are stunning, but, regrettably, his voice is reedy and his words trite. Happily, some clever person has done a video remix [new link 2006-02-20], combining Madalone's uplifting vision with a more appropriate sound track. (Please note that Madalone does not endorse the remix.)