Sunday, October 09, 2005

I evolved for millions of years for this??

Riceplate, a local blog devoted to art and design, pointed me to an amazing animated commercial for Guinness. Having lived in Dublin, Ireland, I can honestly say that I'd rather drink straight from the mouth of the Liffey River than drink Guinness, but the commercial is cool beyond words. In a nutshell, three men are standing in a bar drinking their Guinness. Suddenly the action goes into fast-motion (very fast motion) reverse, collapsing millions of years of evolution backwards into a one-minute spot. We see the men devolve into cavemen, proto-hominids, apes, and all the way back to little fishies and salamanders, or something like that. A heartfelt tip o' the Donegal tweed to Framestore CFC for an ad worth watching, even if the product is crap. As we used to say on a fine Irish morn, "Es is mo phiaun!"

Apple's QuickTime [Mac/Win] is required to view the ad video.

[Thanks to KRON-4's The Bay Area Is Talking local blog aggregator for popping that one up onto my radar screen.]