Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mr. President, will you PLEASE rotate the LA/MS NG back home?

Mr. President,

I am writing this open letter to you while watching ABC News Nightline. Specifically, I'd like to focus on the segment about the conditions in parts of New Orleans. It is no great secret that I hold you in the same high esteem in which the people of New Orleans hold Michael Brown, but it just seems to me that it would be such a simple and obvious gesture of good faith to rotate the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guard units out of Iraq back home so that they can participate in the rebuilding. Instead of fighting insurgents in Fallujah, the LANG should be building temporary housing in the 9th Ward and then organizing volunteers to build schools and stores and levees. If the 9th Ward isn't ready to be rebuilt, then let's get the ACOE in there to build better levees or re-route the Mississippi out the Atchafalaya or fesquilate the enchironicas with the fastapoozle — we're the goddamned You-knighted States of America, goddammit! We'll do whatever the hell it takes to rebuild Nawlins, on the double, mister!

Why in the name of الله haven't you announced that the Katrina/Rita/Wilma area National Guard units are going home? Is it possible that you're doing "a heckuva job" yourself?

Lincoln Madison

P.S. To any Republicans reading this, can you at least acknowledge that I honestly do think that George W. Bush is no better at his job than Michael Brown was at his? That doesn't make me crazy and it doesn't make me unpatriotic, but that is without exaggeration my view.