Saturday, May 21, 2005

Erasure is Coming!

This blog is mostly about politics, but today is a very special occasion for me personally. In about 11 hours, the band Erasure ("Oh, L'Amour," and many more) is scheduled to appear at the Tower Records right here in my neighborhood. I'm going to be there with my personally autographed t-shirt, hoping to get a photo with them this time, since I couldn't the other time. I remember the way some of my parents' younger friends worshipped Elvis Presley, and that's about how I feel about Andy Bell and Vince Clark. Besides that, the all-expenses-paid trip for two to beautiful Irvine, California, gave me an excuse to take the young man I had a crush on, (literally) to Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth. Joe was who I had in mind the first time I heard "Oh, L'Amour" on the radio. We got to ride through the haunted mansion together. (If you're out there, drop me a line!)

Should I flog the blog when I go seek my repeat brush with stardom?

(Note: the word "flog" in this case means "to promote shamelessly," not "to strike with a stranded leather object," nor to figuratively do so, as in "flog the bishop.")