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Transcript: Bassem Youssef on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

On 2015-02-09, The Daily Show had a segment featuring Bassem Youssef (باسم يوسف), an Egyptian satirist whose program Al-Bernameg (The Programالبرنامج) was banned by Egyptian television. Bassem gave some background on US involvement in the Middle East, and some thoughts about how we should move forward.

Jon Stewart: Welcome back. Now that we know that everything we hold dear in this world ... is a lie!! — especially about the Middle East — it makes you wonder, what IS going on over there?

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CNN, 2015-02-09: Very, very gruesome and ugly battle over there...

Jon Stewart: [thumbs up, ironic smile] Here to help us make sense of it all is Egypt's foremost political satirist, host of the now banned television program Al-Bernameg, Bassem Youssef. Bassem, thanks for joining us! Welcome!

Bassem Youssef: Thank you, good to be here!

Jon Stewart: Bassem, obviously right now, the Middle East, spiraling out of control, so tell me, what should America do about this?

Bassem Youssef: Well, how about [big smile] — nothing? [audience laughs & cheers] Oh, thank you. Yes, I feel the love. Yes.

Jon Stewart: I, uh ... okay, we haven't tried that one yet.

Bassem Youssef: Yeah, we noticed. How do you think our region got this way in the first place? For decades, America propped up a "Who's Who" of military and theocratic dictators. [photos of the Shah of Iran, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and Gen. Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan] They gave you what you wanted: oil, airfields, oil, security arrangements, oil — and, let's not forget, [speaking softly, reaching across to Jon Stewart's hand] a few torture black sites.

Jon Stewart: Hey, hey! ... "Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?" [laughter]

Bassem Youssef: Ah, we know what you're into. "Mr. Grey will see you now..." [laughter] And in return, the dictators got someone their people could hate instead of them. When the garbage doesn't get picked up for a week back home, who do you think people blame?

Jon Stewart: I'm gonna go with the sanitation department.

Bassem Youssef: Exactly! We blame America. [laughter] So, you see, everybody gets what they want. It's a "win-win," Jon.

Jon Stewart: It's not a "win-win," Bassem. Not a "win-win." Not for the people; for them, it's a "lose-lose," and then no garbage pickup "lose."

Bassem Youssef: Oh, "the people" [scoffs]. You don't want them choosing their own government.

Jon Stewart: No! I — I don't??

Bassem Youssef: What if they elect someone America doesn't want? If you had a friend who was a manager at Best Buy, but he's always a total asshole, would you want him fired?

Jon Stewart: [hesitates] I mean, if I would lose my "friends and family" discount ... Ohhh. [laughter] You're saying the next guy might make us pay retail.

Bassem Youssef: If he even lets you in the store, Jon.

Jon Stewart: Well, you know what? That's okay. The people choose the wrong government ... we'll help them get it right. We'll send in a few tanks, maybe some boots on the ground, some advisors, you know, to ...

Bassem Youssef: Are you listening to yourself, Jon? Let it go. ♬ Let it go, let it go, slam the door and ... ♬

Jon Stewart: [covering his ears] I thought drones were the worst thing we exported to that region. That's ... whooo!

Bassem Youssef: The princess, she's the devil!

Jon Stewart: I know.

Bassem Youssef: Seriously, though, you can't let it go. America is like a dog with a hot spot on its butt, called the Middle East. And you think you have to keep licking it, but you're just making it worse! [laughter]

Jon Stewart: Are you saying — are you saying that America has to —

Bassem Youssef: Uh huh, yes! [brings out plastic cone]

Jon Stewart: Oh no, not the cone!

Bassem Youssef: You need the cone, Jon. America needs the cone. Yes.

Jon Stewart: We can't wear the cone! Son of a bitch! [applause and laughter] Wait a minute!

Bassem Youssef: What?

Jon Stewart: You're doing it, too! You're blaming America!

Bassem Youssef: What, me??

Jon Stewart: Yes! You are. You're pretending that we're responsible for all the Middle East's problems.

Bassem Youssef: [scoffs] No.

Jon Stewart: Admit it! That "hotspot on our butt" was festering before we even licked it!

Bassem Youssef: Gross! Ewwww!

Jon Stewart: Quit blaming the dog! The metaphor was yours. Look: America didn't create all the corruption that cripples Middle Eastern governments. We didn't establish the entire patriarchy or the medieval justice systems. You know what? I got a song for you, buddy! ♬ I'm so fancy ♬ No, that's not it. [laughter] [slaps desk] ♬ We didn't start the fire... ♬ — 'cause it was all fucked up before we even got there!

Bassem Youssef: Let it go!

Jon Stewart: Oh, stop! I'll ask you one more time: what should America do?

Bassem Youssef: Okay. We want you to fuck off and leave us alone. [cheers and applause]

Jon Stewart: All right. You know what? Fine! Fine. Done!

Bassem Youssef: Yeah! [pause] But not right away. [laughter] We could still use the aid money. And a few weapons. And some investments. What I'm saying is, if you could fuck gradually off, that would work better for everybody.

Jon Stewart: Bassem Youssef, everybody.
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