Friday, March 24, 2006

"We're losing ground here, three years on"

Real Time with Bill Maher had a live, unfiltered, uncensored interview with Michael Ware, Baghdad bureau chief for Time magazine, tonight. He painted a vivid picture of the reality of life in Iraq for the average Iraqi citizen: he or she is not better off now than before the U.S. invaded. His summation of the situation, though, is a quote that should ring out to all who still believe that George W. Bush is doing a good job as President — not just honestly believing in what he's doing, but actually knowing what he's doing, or even knowing his ass from his elbow.

We're still losing ground here, and that's where we are, three years on. — Michael Ware, 2006-03-24, live from Baghdad
Bill Maher said that Ware is another Edward R. Murrow [the guy in Good Night and Good Luck], and I second that assessment.

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[quote corrected after reviewing the broadcast — ed.]