Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Great name for a Televangelist

I caught up on a few episodes of The Boondocks this afternoon, and one tidbit especially caught my eye. Huey Freeman was watching television, rotting his brain to the preaching of "Gibmo Dinero" Ministries.

Once upon a long time ago, there was a preacher man by the name of "Reverend Ike." Actually, it's not such a long time ago, since he's still out there spewing his disgusting filth. Reverend Ike isn't like most preachers, though: he doesn't so much preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as he preaches the gospel of the Almighty Dollar. He has a collection of Rolls Royces, paid for by donations to his church from poor people all over the country. "When people learn to give, they have the experience of money. Giving presupposes that I have and brings to pass that which it presupposes." In other words, give me all your money and God will make you wealthy. In fact, the title of Reverend Ike's TV program is Master of Money. Testimonials on the good reverend's web site include professions of the divine instruction to "Buy God a car!" — but not just any car, a $300,000 Rolls Royce. Reverend Ike doesn't need just one Rolls Royce, he needs a different color of Rolls Royce for each day of the week! With genuine MINK upholstery! If you don't have money to give to Reverend Ike — hey, no problem, just borrow the money!

I'm not making up any of this bullshit, folks; Reverend Ike is very real, and has millions of very real idiot suckers sending him money they don't have so that he can live a life of profligate luxury. He brags that he spends a thousand dollars a week just on clothes! Surely it's worth giving half of your Social Security check and living on cat food to give this man of God a few more fancy baubles and trinkets.

I say unto thee verily that those who send unto Reverend Ike money that they do not possess shall be blessed by God with poverty and mounting debts. If you are stupid and gullible enough to fall for "Gibmo Dinero" Ministries or Reverend Ike or any of their fellow charlatans, you have my abject pity. Don't worry, though — your consolation prize (a deluxe toaster oven!) will be waiting for you in Heaven. The only problem is, Heaven doesn't have electricity. Oh, well.

Disclaimer: I don't know if Reverend Ike was the specific inspiration for Gibmo Dinero Ministries; that's a question you'd have to ask Aaron McGruder. Still and all, they are at least peas in a pod.

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