Saturday, April 22, 2006

Katrina Kids sing for Bill Maher

Y'all know ah'm frum Texiss, but Nawlins ain't far away. 'Smattera fact, ah gots relatives from places lahk Lake Chahles and I even heard of Plaquemines Parish before all this Katrina hoopla. Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher, there was a group of kids sangin' a song for the First Lady, Laura Bush, when they went up to the Whaht House fer Massa George's Easter Egg shindig.

Here's what the group of kids sang on Bill Maher's show:
Your husband's a great big screw-up,
Now we live out of our car.
Katrina killed my grandma
While he sat and played guitar.
Our city's a disaster,
It's nicer in Iraq;
If you think you've made things better,
You must be smoking crack!
Well, now, wait jessa minute here; Bill Maher is one o' them sat-tire shows, but the actual words the real Katrina Kids sang for the real Laura Bush are even scarier:
Congress, Bush and FEMA,
People all across our land,
Together have come to rebuild us,
And we join them hand in hand.
Ah don't think ah can say it any better'n Bill Maher already did: it sounds like somethin' right out o' Kim Jong Il's North Korea. 대통령은 전능 이다. 대통령은 완전하다. 대통령은 항상 정확하다. 우리는 항상 대통령을 순종해야 한다. Great White Father will be kind to Katrina Kids. Great White Father not speak with forkèd tongue. Great White Father far away in great White House, but Father Bush feels the pain of the Little Brown Ones, just like Great White Father's father did.

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