Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Interface Enhancements

The Third Path is pleased to announce two recent changes to the "look and feel" of this blog. We hope you will find that they improve your user experience as a loyal reader.

First, the Archives menu has been transformed into a pop-up menu. If you want to look at a particular month's articles, or if you want to look at a quarterly or yearly alphabetical index, just select the appropriate choice from the menu. If you have JavaScript disabled, or if for any other reason the pop-up menu doesn't work, you can use the link immediately below to go to a page that lists all the archive files manually.

Second, long posts (which is most of them) no longer appear in their entirety on the main page. A short paragraph or two by way of summary appears on the main page, accompanied by a link marked "Read more..." Clicking that link should take you to a separate page with that article presented in its full long-winded glory. If the "Read more..." link doesn't work, just click on the "link to the full article" link at the very bottom, which is guaranteed to work. [The "Read more" link is manually entered; the "link to the full article" is automatic.]

Read more...This paragraph is special sooper-seekrit text that was hidden behind the "Read more" link on the main page. You are now privy to the inner sanctum. Woo hoo. Don't get too excited.

Please feel free to leave your comments about these changes here in this thread, along with any other suggestions about what The Third Path can do to increase your reading enjoyment.