Friday, October 28, 2005

Why was CNN stunned?

As the formal announcement of Harriet Miers' withdrawal broke today, all of the CNN talking heads spoke of how stunned they were that she had pulled out.

Yesterday, everyone was reporting that the White House was oh-so-discreetly asking Senators, "We're not saying that Miers is going to withdraw, but if we were to withdraw the nomination, do you have any advice on how we should do it?"

Saying that, as a news reporter, you were stunned to learn that Harriet Miers is withdrawing, is a little bit like Michael Brown's saying that, as head of FEMA, you were stunned that a Category 4 hurricane would do much worse to New Orleans than a couple dozen cocktails.

Yup, Wolf Blitzer, I'm saying that you're positioning yourself into the same tier of competence with Michael Brown, if in fact you were stunned that Harriet Miers withdrew.