Sunday, October 09, 2005

Jeb Bush is a fairy??

Florida Guv'na "Jeb" Bush proudly announced on 2001-07-06, "there will be no new drilling in [a particular oil field] off the coast of Florida under my watch." On Tuesday, he flip-flopped, explaining that the fairy godmother told him to do it: Senator Mel Martinez (R–FL), Democrats, environmentalists, and a broad cross-section of Floridians oppose oil drilling in the eastern Gulf area, "but that's great. I've talked to the fairy godmother about it." [Gov. "Jeb" Bush, 2005-10-04; 10–4, good buddy]

Myself, I've been called a fairy all my life, except that now I spell it faerie. I even have a faerie godmother; his name is Nova Darkstar. I have never discussed offshore oil drilling with my faerie godmother, but I'd hazard a guess that he opposes it. I do know that he doesn't think very highly of any of the Bush family.

Maybe Jeb misunderstood what the fairy godmother was telling him, or maybe the FGM woke up on the wrong side of the toadstool that morning. Even so, it's reassuring to know that Jeb is getting in touch with his inner fairy.