Monday, October 10, 2005

Christians for Christ

The United Church of Christ, a denomination that takes seriously Bible verses like Matthew 5:43 and Romans 13:8 and maybe even John 8:2–11, produced a TV spot last year in which they showed, by way of contrast with their own church, some other congregation with a bouncer turning away same-sex couples from the church door. The major broadcast TV networks refused to air the spot because it was politically controversial.

The UCC is continuing its series, and the networks are losing no time on trivialities like actually watching the new promos. A new installment in the "Still Speaking" series is being produced, but the networks have already announced that they will not run it.

Heaven forfend that a Christian church should actually follow the teachings of Christ, right out in public view!

[picked up from SF local blog "Daddy, Papa and Me" via KRON/TBAIT]