Friday, October 21, 2005

Third Path Proposition Endorsements

Here are the endorsements of The Third Path for the statewide propositions on the California ballot, November 8, 2005:

  1. Parental notification for abortion. NO: The best summation I've heard is, I'll support this idea just as soon as teenage boys need parental consent to get girls pregnant.

  2. Public school teacher tenure. NO: This measure does nothing to improve the quality of education in California.

  3. Public employee union dues. NO: Governor Schwarzenegger has singled out the teachers, fire fighters, and nurses because their unions have opposed some of his policies. If union dues shouldn't be used for political purposes without the consent of the individual members, then that restriction should apply to all unions, not just unions that currently have a dispute with the current governor. If this isn't retaliation against Arnold's enemies, then why have they been singled out so specifically?

  4. State spending limits. NO: This measure gives the governor unprecedented authority to unilaterally modify state spending priorities. To the supporters of this measure, I ask one simple question: would you give this kind of power to Governor Gray Davis? I didn't think so.

  5. Redistricting. NO: The redistricting process is a mess, not only in California, but in most states. Partisan political hacks in the state legislatures draw boundaries that protect incumbents at the expense of the people, or that throw lucrative turf into the district of a favored politician. However, Prop 77 actually manages to create something even worse than the status quo. My hope would be for the governor and the legislature to sit down and hammer out a real redistricting reform plan in time for the 2010 census, but that would require some actual leadership — something in short supply in Excremento Sacramento.

  6. Prescription drug discounts, Cal Rx plan. NO: My examination of Props 78 and 79 leads me to favor Prop 79. In particular, Prop 78 is funded by the drug manufacturers (to the tune of over $50 million), which makes me immediately suspicious. Essentially, the drug companies want the state to ask them nicely if they will please give some discounts to lower-income Californians. Why do we need to amend the state constitution to do that?

  7. Prescription drug discounts, Cal Rx Plus plan. YES: This plan provides better discounts to more people.

  8. Re-regulation of electric utilities. YES: The horrifically flawed 1996 deregulation plan led directly to rolling blackouts and the abuses of Enron. This measure places public electric utilities back under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission. Well, duh.
Executive summary: I don't trust Governor Schwanzenego Schwarzenegger, and neither should you. In fact, not only do I not trust the Governator as far as he could throw me, I don't even trust him as far as I could throw him.