Monday, October 17, 2005

Colbert Report

The Colbert Réport premièred tonight on Comédie Sawn-trahl. I've already seen the first episode; so there. It's not that I'm better than you, merely that I'm farther east. The sun has already set here in south Texas, and it's already dark on the west coast, too, so that factoid doesn't really illustrate much of anything.
Finally, a new television show premieres, and changes the world. Open wide, baby bird, 'cause Momma's got a big fat nightcrawler of truth: here comes The Colbert Réport.
Stephen Colbert's first guest was the Colbert-esque Stone Phillips. Seriously — have you ever seen Stephen Colbert and Stone Phillips together in the same room? Sure, they appeared on the same show, but that could've been done with a Video Toaster. Wørd! May the Truthiness be with you.

Indeed, I think that The Colbert Réport might just prove to be Truthtageous.

Correction: I meant to say Truthtagious, as in contagious, not outrageous or even its hipper cousin ourtageous, and certainly not courageous. No, in these dangerous times, courage is the very last thing America needs. — ed.