Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dubya's new speechwriter

Someone has put together a little Flash site that allows you to assemble phrases from George W. Bush's speeches, rather like those word magnets you can turn into fridge poetry.

Here's my first cut:

Regime Change Begins Here
by Lincoln Madison

President Bush will be removed without war. [applause] The danger is clear — terrorists, thugs, killers, poison factories, some of the most lethal weapons ever devised, a slave-holding society, ignorance and apathy — not good for world peace. Before the day of horror can come, the tyrant will soon be gone, and may God continue and kill thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and I have a message for them: we are a peaceful people, using chemical, biological, or one day soon nucular weapons. That is the future we choose: it is suicide, commenced at a time of our choosing.

Democracy is a beautiful thing, for civil rights — all foreign nationals, electronically bugged. [applause] I was just following reckless aggression, war crimes, as we have done before, aggression and bad faith and global war, and I can attack the innocent for their own safety, including the Iraqi people and our friends in the United Nations Security Council, and destroy the peace, and we are prepared to do so. We certainly hope it does. Many Iraqis can hear me tonight, and again, the vulnerable will suffer most. Our good faith must leave Iraq within 48 hours. [applause] Saddam Hussein — he is a courageous leader, and I'm pleased to call him friend, in our country or any other, but one way or the other, the United States of America has the sovereign authority to leave Iraq. God Bless America. [pause] Good night.
I can't get the thingumajig to give me a menu of saved "speeches" on my Macintosh, but you might have better luck on Windoze. It's such a thrill to hear Dubya's own voice saying "President Bush will be removed without war."