Sunday, October 23, 2005

but what about the Democrats?

I have made no effort to conceal my utter disdain for the willfully ignorant buffoons of the Bush administration and the current Republican so-called "leadership" in America today. Having an incompetent moron in the Presidency wouldn't be so bad if we had some counterbalance, someone with the spine to stand up to the excesses and outright backwards thinking of the Bush administration. Unfortunately, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have offered that counterbalance.

Why did so many Democrats vote in favor of giving George Bush the authority to wage war in Iraq? The tired refrain that they only gave him authority to go to war as a last resort, just doesn't hold water. Can John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Tom Daschle, or any other Democrat who voted for the "authorization to use force," look us in the eye, tell us that they honestly thought for one second that Bush would do anything other than invade Iraq, and actually expect us to believe it?

Has the Democratic Party offered any substance to counter the rampant corruption and cronyism that pervades the Republicans? Has the Democratic Party offered any substance to counter the insane economic policies, foreign policies, healthcare, education, or environmental policies of the Republicans?

"We're not Dubya" wasn't enough to win the 2004 election, and it won't be enough to win the 2006 or 2008 elections.