Friday, November 17, 2006

Ya just gotta love it

We get massive volumes of e-mail spam here at The Third Path, but every once in a while you see one that surprises you, if only in the depth of stupidity of the scumbags that are spammers. Spammers send their spew to addresses with names like "spamtrap" and domains like "SueSpammers." Tonight, though, one landed in one of my spam traps that made me chuckle:

From: puey
Subject: sorry about {%rot: last night | last wk | last week | yesterday | earlier | what i did %}
To: spamtrap

Take delivery of a super colossal reduction on your tablets
faithful grades, prime quality.
immeasurable diversity, including challenging to find drugs
No doc ordinance indispensable.
Secret with No waiting space or arrangmenet vital
take in amplitude and Save! admitting another
Wow. First of all, the botched attempt to send a random subject line (sorry about last night, sorry about last wk, etc.) should've shown up in even the most cursory glance at the progress of the spam dump. But more remarkable are the linguistic gyrations in an attempt to evade e-mail filters that catch phrases like "huge savings, cheap pills, all kinds, no prescription needed." ("No doc ordinance indispensable." — I couldn't make this stuff up!) And it doesn't even mention Vivagra or Ciallilis.

By the way, on the subject of bogus e-mails, the rumor is going around yet again that the government is about to order every telemarketer to bombard your cellphone with so many nuisance calls that your voicemail will spontaneously burst into flames. Here's a simple rule of thumb: if you get an e-mail warning that urges you to forward it to everyone you know, it's almost always a bad idea to pass it along, and doubly so if it makes some claim about the mainstream media having ignored this dire warning. No one is going to tax your e-mails, nor will they send you Bill Gates' pocket change. There is no west African banker eager to divide the estate of some hapless tourist who died with no known next-of-kin, and you haven't won a lotto that you not only never entered but have never even heard of before.

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