Monday, November 06, 2006

Olbermann's last pre-election "Special Comment"

MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann program sometimes features a "Special Comment" at the end. Today, Olbermann took one last shot at Bush, but also at those, both in Washington and in the nation as a whole, who have enabled his abuses. The video and transcript are already available here on the MSNBC website. Below the fold, a couple of highlights.


Saddam Hussein, found guilty in an Iraqi court. Who can argue against that? He is officially, what the world always knew he was: a war criminal. Mr. Bush, was this imprimatur, worth the cost of 2,832 American lives, and thousands more American lives yet to be lost? Is the conviction of Saddam Hussein the reason you went to war in Iraq? Or did you go to war in Iraq because of the weapons of mass destruction that did not exist? Or did you go to war in Iraq because of the connection between Iraq and al-Qaida that did not exist? Or did you go to war in Iraq to break the bonds of tyranny there, while installing the mechanisms of tyranny here? Or did you go to war in Iraq because you felt the need to wreak vengeance against somebody, anybody? Or did you go to war in Iraq to contain a rogue state which, months earlier, your own administration had declared had been fully contained by sanctions? Or did you go to war in Iraq to keep gas prices down?

How startling it was, sir, to hear you introduce oil to your stump speeches over the weekend.


Saddam Hussein will get out of Iraq the same way 2,832 Americans have and thousands more. He’ll get out faster than we will. And if nothing changes tomorrow, you, sir, will be out of the White House long before the rest of us can say we are out of Iraq.

And whose fault is this? Not truly yours. You took advantage of those of us who were afraid, and those of us who believed unity and nation took precedence over all else. But we let you take that advantage. And so we let you go to war in Iraq to oust Saddam or find non-existant weapons or avenge 9/11 or fight terrorists who only got there after we did or as cover to change the fabric of our Constitution or for lower prices at The Texaco or…?

There are still a few hours left before the polls open, sir. There are many rationalizations still untried.
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