Thursday, November 24, 2005

Where do babies come from?

Another cute commercial: a boy and his dad are sitting on a wooden pier on a small pond, fly-fishing. The boy asks, "Dad, where do babies come from?"

The father's reply: "When a Man Loves a Woman, he wants to Get Jiggy with It, and then, you know, Free Willy and Aah! Push It! and then you Roll Over, Beethoven." [Google if you want the lyrics, but beware of pop-up ads.]

The ad is for Tower Records. They have several along similar lines, but this one is my favourite.

An unintended element of comedic juxtaposition was added when the local feed was slightly out of sync with the network feed, leaving in a spare voiceover of "World Hunger" immediately after "Give the gift everyone can use. Tower Records®, Life played loud."