Thursday, November 10, 2005

That didn't take very long at all

Proposition H, banning handgun ownership by residents of the City of San Francisco within city limits, has already been challenged in court — almost as if opponents were planning to fight it all along! The fact that they clearly said so might even be taken as evidence of that intention. The fact that the measure has serious legal issues might be taken as evidence that the opponents are likely to prevail in court. Please allow six to eight years for shipping and handling.

Governor Schwarzenegger's team also wasted no time in lavishing their best turd polish on the results of Tuesday's statewide election. The problem wasn't that the public opposed the Governator's ideas, but only that they were angry that he called a special election. Millions of people all over California would have voted in favor of all four of Ahnold's pet projects if he had just waited until our Satanic primary on 6/6/06. So sad. So sad, indeed. Given how many bridges Schwarzenegger burned to get here, he's going to have a hard row to hoe getting much of anything done before he's voted out of office next year. Better brush up on being a pregnant kindergarten robot barbarian, guv'na, 'cause your political career is about to roll credits.