Monday, August 14, 2006

The newest Internet country code

As I write this, it's Monday evening in California, but it's already the wee hours of Tuesday morning in Finland, where the Åland Islands will soon be waking up to their newly activated ccTLD of .ax.

The Åland Islands are an autonomous province of Finland, but they are located just off the coast of Sweden, and Swedish is the official language of the provincial government. Until now, the Åland Islands have been allocated domains under the subdomain.

Just a little geek trivia for a Monday evening....

P.S. No word yet on ccTLD's for Serbia and Montenegro. ".rs" is a possibility for Serbia, but Montenegro is a thornier problem: I'm betting on ".cq".

UPDATE: a reader reports that ".me" has been selected for Montenegro, although there has not yet been an official announcement. Look for domains like "" to begin popping up soon.

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