Monday, July 03, 2006

Montenegro's Country Code

The people of Montenegro, one of the republics of the former Yugoslavia, voted on 2006-05-21 to separate from Serbia, the only other Yugoslav republic remaining, to become fully independent. Montenegro has already joined the United Nations as the 192nd member state, but, for the moment, it still shares telephone country code +381 and Internet country code .YU with Serbia. The new telephone country code for Montenegro will probably be +382 or +383, one of the unused codes left over from the break-up of Yugoslavia's old +38 code. However, the Internet (and ISO currency) code is a bit more interesting.

Montenegro in Montenegrin is "Crna Gora"; however, .CR, .CN, .CA, .CG, and .CO are all already in use. Similarly for "Montenegro," .MO, .MN, .MT, .MG, and .MR are already in use. That just leaves one possibility: .ME! I suggest to the government of Montenegro that they lay claim to .ME, which will also open up a whole new possibility for "vanity" domain names, such as or

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