Monday, May 08, 2006

Moussaoui the Coward

Al Qaeda coward Zacarias Moussaoui is attempting to retroactively withdraw his guilty plea, despite having clearly understood at the time he entered the plea that it cannot be changed after sentencing. He claims that he now suddenly believes that he can receive a fair trial by the infidels, never mind his hyperbolic rhetoric of the last four years.

Read more...Moussaoui made his own bed, and now he gets to lie awake in it, staring at the ceiling. Moussaoui pled guilty. The prosecution produced witnesses to corroborate some of the confession, and admitted that they had no evidence to support other elements of Moussaoui's delusional worldview, specifically including the bizarre claim that he and Richard Reid were supposed to hijack a fifth plane on 9/11. However, the elements the prosecution was able to prove were sufficient to sustain a conviction.

Moussaoui has the right to appeal his sentence, but he does not have the right to appeal his conviction. The judge noted that an appeal of the sentence would be futile, and an appeal of the conviction is even moreso. Lock him up, throw away the key, and let him die slowly in quiet obscurity.

Of course, we aren't likely ever to see a trial for any of the 9/11 conspirators currently in U.S. custody, like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, much less people like Osama bin Laden.

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