Friday, May 12, 2006

Apple system update woes

Since the readers of this blog seem to be about twice as likely as the general population to be Apple Macintosh users, I wanted to bring to your attention some problems that have been reported with Apple's latest Security Update. If you go to "Software Update," either in the menu or in System Preferences, it will try to get you to download and install Security Update 2006-003. First of all, you should probably go ahead and install any other updates that Apple recommends.

However, some users — mostly but not exclusively on the new Intel Macs — have reported that installation of the new security update causes the computer to freeze up at the login screen when you reboot at the end of the install process. There is a workaround, but the best solution may be to wait for Apple to release a revised security update. In particular, the workaround involves fiddling with deep-seated system files in a trial-and-error sort of procedure. A friend reports that his old G4 Mac Mini is still awaiting resuscitation, although my G4 iBook updated just fine.

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