Thursday, February 16, 2006

What happened to the Corddry death match?

Sunday, 2006-02-12, on Comedy Central, we were treated to the following promo:
Cain vs. Abel, Uday vs. Qusay, Chang vs. Eng — now the most hate-fueled sibling rivalry ever! Nate vs. Rob, the Corddrys, brother vs. brother, on an all-new Daily Show with Jon Stewart, tomorrow at 11 on Comedy Central.
On Monday, though, the promised battle royal of the fake news correspondents never materialized. What happened? I wanted to see, if not blood, at least some serious noogies!

Nate Corddry and his new boyf Demetri Martin are destined to leave the ancient and decrepit old guard, represented by old fogies like Rob Corddry and Bill O'Reilly, in the dust. Whether by Jell-O® wrestling, a duel to the death with plastic sporks, or a battle of wits, only one of the Corddry brothers can live to see another day.

In honor of their double-D Welsh heritage, then,
Gofynnwch I'r Ceidwad
Am Docynnau Tymor!!