Monday, February 13, 2006

Smackdown: Corddry v. Corddry!

On tonight's Daily Show with Nate Corddry, Jon Stewart will referee a jello-wrestling contest between veteran fake journalist Rob Corddry and his little brother Nate, a newcomer to the fake news biz. There can be little doubt that fake facts will be flying all over the studio; those in the front rows of the audience may be sprayed with truthiness. This lifelong rivalry will reach its crescendo tonight, with only one of the combatants surviving to do another This Week in God or another exposé on the subversive plot to make people wear clothes indoors rather than crank up the heater another few degrees.

On the other hand, if the Corddry family Jell-O® throwdown gets good ratings, we might look forward to a resolution of the bitter sibling rivalry between Samantha Bee and the entire RCMP, or even the blood feud between Jon Stewart and Stepan Coldbear.

Pull up the old massaging armchair, a case or two of cheap beer, and some semi-popped popcorn to throw at your television screen, 'cause this could be the start of something BIG!