Saturday, October 18, 2008

CNN Election News Shocker: John Kerry Won Wyoming!

I was watching some recent election-related news clips on this morning and pulled up one analyzing the electoral college map. John King, in Wolf Blitzer's high-tech Situation Room, pulled up the "magic map" and worked through some scenarios to see what John McCain would have to do to overcome Barack Obama's lead in the polls. What got really interesting, though, was when King offered an historical comparison to the 2004 results. I've highlighted the salient detail: CNN shows that John Kerry actually won the state of Wyoming!

I mean, I know that Dick Cheney has been as popular as root canals and rotten eggs in most of the country, but in his quasi-home state of Wyoming (*cough* 12th Amendment *cough*), one of the reddest of the red states, he is still the beloved crazy uncle who occasionally shoots family and friends by mistake.

Note to the CNN Truth Squad: you might want to double-check the 2004 tally before calling Wyoming for Kerry....

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