Friday, July 18, 2008

Photoblogging is not my forte

I brought my camera along to Howard Dean's keynote last night and tried to take some pictures, but found my equipment not up to the task. First of all, the speakers at the podium were brightly lit, with nothing behind them except a black backdrop behind the stage, making for an extreme contrast in lighting, beyond my consumer-grade camera's capacity to compensate. I thought I had checked the batteries, but the camera still had that infuriating delay from pressing the button to taking an actual photo, meaning that the subject had moved from the perfectly photogenic pose I tried to capture. I was able to take some meta-photos, capturing the image on the video projector screen to the side of the stage, but even that was a challenge. Then I got back to my hotel room and discovered that among the many cables, wires, and power bricks that took up almost half my luggage space, I did not have the USB-to-mini-USB cable I needed to get what photos I was able to take, into the computer.


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