Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Rachel from Cardholder Services

I just got an especially annoying telephone call. I answered the phone and was immediately greeted by a recorded voice, identified as "Rachel from Cardholder Services," telling me that it is urgent that I contact them immediately to find out how I can lower the interest rate on my credit card debt. She went on a bit, explaining that I was only eligible if I owe more than $2,500, and finally telling me to press 1 to speak to a live operator or press 3 to discontinue further notices.

The entire call was illegal on three principal grounds:
There is no possibility that the caller could deny that the violation was intentional and willful; thus, if I ever find out who is behind "Rachel," I am automatically entitled to $1,500 in statutory damages. And if I ever catch a leprechaun, I'll make him give me his pot of gold.

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Update: 2007-05-23, received another call from Michelle at Cardholder Services, no caller ID, pressing 8 to be taken off the list was an "invalid option."

Update 2008-03-13: there is a new blog devoted just to our good friends with "Cardholder Services," "Account Services," or whatever they're calling themselves this week. It's called "Stopping Heather with Account Services"

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