Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meth Coffee

Right here in San Francisco, some budding ontapanoors have come up with a spiffy, stylish, classy name for their bizness: Meth Coffee. Really — check their web site if you don't believe me. That's Meth as in Crystal Methamphetamine, also known as speed, crank, Tina, or a variety of other noms d'aiguille. Meth is ravaging our community, fueling the rise of petty crime (especially "smash and grab" burglaries from parked cars), and turning thousands of people into haggard zombies, "wasted" both mentally and physically. It's also the reason that you can no longer find Sudafed® on store shelves; you have to ask the pharmacist.

What's next? Rat Poison Latte? Drain Cleaner Mocha? Cocaine Cola? [Oh, wait — that's been done!] Crispy Crack Flakes breakfast cereal?

You can let these people know what you think of their business model on their comment page:

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