Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stephen Colbert is NO LONGER Lincolnish

On Monday's Colbert Report, Stephen made a minor change that most of you wouldn't even notice, but here at the Third Path, we tend to perk up at things that reference Lincoln or Madison. We're just funny that way. In the opening credits sequence, Stephen Colbert stands amidst a swirl of descriptions. For several months now, he ended with LINCOLNISH, but Monday that slot was filled with the new word SUPERSTANTIAL. It is the profound hope of all of us at the Third Path — but especially our commandant, Lincoln Madison — that, despite the diminished prominence of the term, Stephen Colbert will remain forever Lincolnish.

After all, we'd hate to have to put Mr. Colbert on notice, or, worse yet, work for régime change at The Colbert Réport.

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