Friday, September 16, 2005

Robert Reich on John Roberts

Okay, folks, I've told you that the Roberts hearing testimony, especially the other witnesses besides Roberts, is riveting because of the incredible importance of the decision of who should lead the Supreme Court for the next three decades. What else is amazing about this hearing is that the United States Senate is rising to the occasion. People in support of John Roberts are making cogent and coherent cases for their position. So are people in opposition, and so are people who appear to have genuinely not yet decided.

Still, I know that most people don't find Senate committee testimony the most exciting stuff to read, much less watch on television. I'm a bit weird in that respect. I watched the Watergate hearings in 1974 because they were fun for a 10yo loyal Nixonian young Republican. I grew up to go to the YMCA Youth in-or-and-depending-whom-you-ask Government model state legislature in high school, where I sat in the actual chambers of the Texas House and Senate in Austin. When I'm channel-surfing, I'm more likely to pause on C–SPAN than on American Idol.

I will take it for granted that most of you reading this are not exactly chomping at the bit to read some yummy yummy Senate hearings. Having said that, I urge you to read Robert Reich's testimony, even if you read nothing else about the proceedings. If you watch The Daily Show, you know Robert Reich. He's the little short guy who was Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton. (Hey, you, Shrimp-o: you give me hope for the future of America!) Robert Reich is really smart, and he's funny enough to banter with Jon Stewart. Read his testimony.