Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oprah for President

On her Monday show, Oprah Winfrey pledged ten million dollars of her own money to Katrina relief. Better yet, Oprah's staff has devised an ingenious mechanism for the entire world to contribute. You can log onto Oprah's web site and select the Oprah Katrina Home Registry, where you can select what items you would like to donate, just like a bridal registry. Would you like to donate towels or bed linens or a toaster or a vacuum cleaner? All of these and many other items are there for your fantasy shopping, but when you click to buy, your purchase goes to brighten the rebuilding of someone's Gulf Coast home.

As Oprah said, "As soon as I saw the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, I knew I had to do something" (or words to that effect). Why didn't George W. Bush have the same reaction? Why didn't Michael Brown have the same reaction? Why didn't Dick Cheney have the same reaction? Why didn't Condoleeza Rice have the same reaction?

Oprah has shown greater leadership and a greater sense of rising to her responsibilities than the President of the United States. How about we just get Oprah and Dubya to switch jobs?

How about we just get Dubya to donate a year's salary to Katrina relief? It would be a meaningful gesture, for once in his pathetic career.

[I'll even forgive Oprah for the fact that the Registry doesn't work on a Macintosh!]