Sunday, September 18, 2005

Comer es más rico

I was watching Canal Catorce this evening to see if the interview I saw filmed this afternoon with Assemblymember Mark Leno would air on the local noticias. Leno was speaking about the gender-neutral marriage bill, currently awaiting the signature of Governor Schwarzenegger.

I never did see the interview, but I did see a rather intriguing commercial. On first glance, it looks like an ad for talking to your kids about drugs. The father walks in and confronts his son with something he found among the teenage boy's belongings: a plain, boring hamburger. The son tries to explain, but the father's shame is palpable. How could you do such a thing? Do you have no self-respect? They sit at the table and the father tries to reassure his son that there is a better way: el Classic Double de Wendy's. "Wendy's: Comer es Más Rico®"

Hmm. Could it be that the Spanish-language media sees the televised "War on Drugs" for the farcical hysteria it is?