Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Pledge a Grievance to the Flag

I was given an interesting poster at Burning Man the other day:

I pledge a grievance to the flag of the Plighted Stakes of America, and to the republics upon which it stands, one nation, playing God, blind and visible, with the illusion of Liberty and Justice for all. — Jupiter Jones
[If you want a copy, contact passionpeace @t hotmail d0t com, or send $10 money order to P O Box 620892, Woodside CA 94062-0892.]

The United States flag is a symbol of liberty and justice. However, just as the Confederate battle flag represents both southern pride and the racist legacy of slavery, so, too, the stars and stripes have also come to represent American imperialism and in general a "fuck you" attitude towards the entire world.

The solution is for the nation to recommit itself to the principles for which the flag is meant to stand.