Monday, March 06, 2006

A random stroll through the blogosphere

I've gotten some interesting random visitors via the Next Blog » feature here on Blogger, so I thought I'd wander around a little bit and see what I found.

The last time I did this, a few weeks ago, I got mostly blogs that were pimping for some commercial interest or other by loading lots of Google-bait in with advertising links — a practice of which I wholeheartedly disapprove. This time, though, I got much better results. I hit a couple of sites I couldn't read (one in Chinese, but in Pinyin transliteration, so I could at least have some sense of what it sounds like if not what it means; another in Polish), but I also found these sites I found a bit more interesting. Check them out.

  • My Jokes and Funny Stories, right here in San Francisco, with some wonderful haikus today about the N-Judah commuter train
  • In My Own Way, with some juicy political content
  • tomatoes are delicious, by a Jon Stewart fan (among her other wonderful qualities)
  • Restoring my faith and abject credulity in the blogosphere, The Cynic, faithfully reproducing Our Beloved Leader's Talking Points
  • A little literary criticism from The Book Bitches, obsessive Harry Potter (book, not movie!) fans who write about (gasp) women authors
  • Culture-Geek Outpost, covering "cool, weird and obscure or retro" entertainment
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