Thursday, March 02, 2006

CBN says Cheney will step down

The Christian Broadcasting Network reported yesterday (2006-03-01) on rumors that Dick Cheney will resign as Vice President some time this summer, but not because he is the incarnation of Satan, nor because Dubya has lost confidence in his puppetmaster, nor even because only 18% of the American people are deluded enough to think that Cheney is doing a heckuva job. No, Cheney will step down because it's all part of Our Beloved President's Master Plan to install Condoleezza Rice as the heir apparent to his throne. Anchor Lee Webb interviewed Dr. Jack Wheeler, creator of, home of such unbiased news reporting as this: "In Egypt back in the 7th century AD, most all Egyptians were Christians. Then Arabs swarmed out of the eastern deserts like human locusts to conquer Egypt and impose Islam." That from a man who is upset at the resistance to signing over six major U.S. port facilities to a company owned by an Arab government. But here's the scoop on Cheney:

Lee Webb: Dr. Wheeler, you have been saying since December, I understand, that Cheney will step down. Why do you think that?

Jack Wheeler: Actually, Lee, we have been saying that on our website since January 2005. It's part of a plan for the President, George Bush, to turn his government over to Condi Rice. It has got nothing to do with any unhappiness with Dick Cheney. That is the rumor of the day. The President and the Vice President are still very, very close, but we are predicting that, probably some time this summer, Mr. Cheney will step down, so that the President can appoint — or nominate, because it has to be approved by the Senate [actually, by the House and Senate] — Condoleezza Rice as the Vice President.

Webb: Nominate her so that she is in a stronger position to run in '08, is that correct?

Wheeler: Yes, so that she's in the catbird seat and the nomination is hers if she goes for it. She still has to run — this can't be a coronation — but still, with her as sitting Vice President, it just blows the other competition out of the water.

Webb: Do you think Dick Cheney is feeling the pressure right now?

Wheeler: No, I don't think he's feeling the pressure at all. This is a pro. He knows what he's doing. He and the President are still very, very close.
Wow, King George is going to install his loyal minion Condi as his successor by divine right. How special.

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