Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Sincere Compliment to President Bush

I thought I might expand jeest a li'l bit on what I was sayin' the other day 'bout nitpickin' and nitwits, or picnickin' pit-freaks, or some such. I feel that I should "accentuate the positive," as the song says, by highlightin' the sincere and heartfelt compliment — and declaration of loyalty — I pay to Alleged President George Walker Bush:
I take it as beyond question that George W. Bush is demonstrably more intelligent than the unborn egg of a pubic louse.
He may not have the smarts of a common housecat, but ya gotta admit, he's smarter than the average crab. Oh, that's not to say that President Bush is one of South Park's crab people, mind you; perish the thought! Those were an entirely different kind of crabs, the evil outer-space kind instead of the napalm-in-yer-pants kind.